Gardening and Landscaping in Jamaica


The term gardening refers to the art or activity of tending and cultivating a piece of ground which becomes a garden. Usually, homeowners who practice gardening are blessed with soil that is very rich. Jamaican homeowners can atest to this.

Jamaica is a blessed island with a tropical climate all year round and very rich soil which allows us to cultivate a wide range of luscious green vegetables and sweet exotic fruits. There are hundreds of nutritious vegetables to choose: Callaloo , Cabbage, Corn, Okra, Tomato and Cucumber. We also grow a lot of juicy fresh fruits, these include: Mangoes, Guineps , Oranges, Pineapple, Plums, Star apples, Cherry and Lychee which is also popularly known as ‘chinese guineps, Calabash. These are just a few of the juicy fruity delights that Jamaicans tend to grow in our back yard gardens. Due to this, we often boast of being able to eat what we grow.

In Jamaica, growing a vegetable or fruit garden has been proven to be very fulfilling in that growing a vegetable or fruit garden can assist in feeding the family with fresh produce bursting with flavours, vitamins and minerals. This therefore aids in increasing the levels of participation of rural farm families in home food production which vividly depict our motto “Grow what we eat, eat what we grow”

There are also many benefits of seasoned gardening in Jamaica. Imagine having a bit of Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Scotch bonnet Pepper, Garlic, Ginger, Nutmeg and Onions to add to the flavouring of your pot. Other herbs include: Fever grass, Cerassee, Guinea Hen and Tuna. Having your own herb garden not only allows you to cook with unprocessed and organic herbs but also serves as healing properties.

Our island Jamaica also produces beautiful species of flowers which allows you to spruce u the beauty and attractiveness of your property. If you are beginner, start off with two or three plants until you become accustomed. If you have very little space in an apartment or yard area you can plant in containers or car tyres.  Also, ensure to protect the area from animals using a fence to keep away animals. Using fertilizers is also a good choice for protecting your plants from plant diseases that will allow them to wither and stop growing.

This is Jamaica, This is how we live, This is how we grow!


Landscaping in Jamaica

Living in Jamaica means that at some times in the year, you embark on a grand project of house, garden and land cleaning. Landscape experts says a first impression goes a long way, so ensure to spruce up your property as you will increase the property value by doing so.

The first thing a person sees in your home is its curb appeal. No matter how beautiful the inside of your home is, the outside is what they will see first, and this is what gets the attention of the guests. Landscape is more than just a scenery, it’s interaction between people and place; the bedrock upon which our Society is built. Landscapes tend to offer tranquillity and a sense of belonging to an area with well-defined cultural identity.

Landscaping does not necessarily mean only planting flowers but you also have to make time to nurture your investment. Pavement or water features are also very fascinating. Over the years Jamaicans have come up with many creative ways to spruce up their properties. They cut trees in beautiful designs and even make designs out of stones to create a feature.

Jamaica’s beautiful landscape has a major impact on the Jamaican economy as it attracts many visitors from all over the world and also investment to an area.

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